Importance of Color Psychology in Marketing & Branding

Colors can significantly influence people. It can impact our decisions & perceptions. For example, the color of a food can affect how it tastes, the color of a room can influence how you feel, etc. Colors can have a persuasive effect on our feelings and impact our behavior as shoppers. Bottomline, colors can influence how individuals think & act. A study helps understand what cognitive color decisions can help your creative projects & better connect with your audience.


Varsha Gehlot

8/15/20220 min read

Color plays a substantial role in the human psyche. Color impacts the human thought process or pattern. When we look at the red traffic sign, we feel alarmed and find ourselves in a state of hurry. It signifies that we need to stop to sidestep some mishaps. So, we see that every color affects us differently. It has a precedent impact on the human psyche. Similarly, color psychology plays a vital role in devising marketing strategies. With the help of color psychology, a specific brand or company can make an impression on clients. This way, it attracts consumers to purchase products from that company.

What is Color Psychology Marketing?

Color psychology marketing is an essential element of branding seven marketing strategy. It enables people to enhance business by creating a solid impression of that company to its consumers. Now, statistical data would blow your mind. 90% of people make reckless decisions about products by only looking at their color. Now let’s glimpse at how various colors hold different psychology and how they impact a company or a business’s marketing and branding strategies.

Colors and Their Psychology in Business

  • RED Action, Ambition, Attention, confidence, danger, energy, love, lively, Passion, Power, Strength, Urgency, Warmth
  • ORANGE Activity, Creativity, Confidence, Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Friendliness, Harvest, Optimism, Warmth, Youthfulness
  • YELLOW Cheerful, Energy, Friendliness, Freshness, Happiness, Joy, Optimism, Positivity, Warm, Youthfulness
  • GREEN Balance, Fresh, Growth, Health, Joy, Kindness, Luck, Maturity, Nature, Prosperity, Restoration, Soothing, Wealth
  • BLUE Calming, Clean, Conservative, Integrity, Patience, Peaceful, Security, Serenity, Stability, Trust, Wisdom
  • TURQUOISE Healing, Imagination, Peace, Protection, Sophisticated, Spiritual, Wisdom
  • PINK Affection, Compassion, Feminine, healthy, Happy, Optimism, Playful, Romance, Softness, Sweet
  • PURPLE Ambition, Creative, Honor, Intuition, Luxury, Majesty, Mystical, Royalty, Sensitivity, Spiritual, Success, Wealth, Wisdom
  • BROWN Approachable, Comfortable, Friendly, Organic, Practicality, Security, Strength, Stability, Warmth
  • GOLD Bling, Glowing, Luxurious, Prestigious, Prosperity, Radiant, Rich, Traditional, Valuable, Wealth, Wisdom
  • GREY Balance, Calm, Mature, Minimal, Intelligence, Neutral, Reliable, Sleek, Solid, Stability
  • BLACK Classy, Dramatic, Elegance, Exclusivity, Formality, Glamour, Luxury, Mystery, Power, Power, Protection, Sophistication
  • SILVER Classy, Cool, Glamorous, Graceful, High Tech, Magical, Morden, Sleek, Stylish
  • WHITE Clean, Easy, Freshness, Goodness, Hope, Imagination, Innocence, Light, Minimalist, Morden, Peace, Purity, Simplicity

Wrapping Up

If you read the article, you will be able to understand what Color Psychology is, its impact on the human psyche, various colors, & their strategic use in the marketing field. To get consultation for your business growth, Contact Us.