Guide to Utilize YouTube Shorts

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Varsha Gehlot

9/3/20220 min read

YouTube has publicized a new, 31-page overview of YouTube Shorts, covering everything from producing your video clips to editing to trend recommendations, analytics, and more. You can download the complete ‘Shorter Side of YouTube’ guide here, but in this post, we’ll look at some of the highlights.
It includes a basic overview of Shorts and how to use the Shorts camera. There is also guidance on more advanced editing and creation techniques, like pulling previously recorded videos from your camera roll to add to your Shorts clips.
YouTube also included tips on incorporating sounds and music:
As well as notes on Shorts discovery and how Shorts content is highlighted to users.
The last section provides a range of trend tips and notes, as well as case studies, highlighting ways you can use Shorts to maximize attention and engagement.
It’s a handy guide – there are no top secret insights or algorithm notes to help boost your Shorts performance. But it does provide an crucial overview of what you need to learn to use YouTube Shorts, which could help to get you started with the option.
And again, with Shorts usage growing fast – already at over 30 billion daily views in total – it is worth thinking whether Shorts fits your content strategy.

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